Over the years, Hales Franciscan’s educational work has attracted the financial support of prominent donors such as Michael Jordan, Big Shoulders Fund, John Canning Foundation, Cuneo Foundation, Knights of Peter Claver Ladies Auxiliary, Searle Foundation, Jennie Jones, Juanita Jordan, Mellody Hobson, Julie Stasch, WVON and many others. Just as importantly, we continue to receive many contributions from thousands of smaller donors that add up to the major donor level.

Ongoing support is necessary to cover the difference between the affordable tuition charged families and the much higher cost actually incurred to educate a Hales Franciscan High School student.

Michael Jordan Contributed $5 Million To Hales Franciscan

It is only through the donations, grants, volunteer work and pro-bono services we receive from generous individuals and corporations that we are able to continue operating.

Therefore, please consider supporting our future work today in one of the following ways.

Fund A Student Scholarship:
You can fund a full or partial scholarship so a family is able to afford a high quality Hales Franciscan education.

Fund Our General Operations:
Earmark a donation to support the administrative and facility costs necessary to manage and support our educational staff as well as provide our students with a safe and inspiring learning environment.

Fund School Technology:
Support a state-of-the-art technology or science lab, classroom instructional equipment, and maker spaces to ensure our students can master core subject area content and skills in the rich, engaging, hands-on learning environment they deserve.

Expand Our Supplemental Support Service Team:
Make a gift to increase the size of our support service team so we can hire more mentors, college and career prep coaches, pastoral advisors and social-emotional-support counselors.

Secure Membership For Us In A Consortium
Aid Hales Franciscan in identifying and becoming a member of a foundation or university funded high school academic research consortium or practicum program.

Secure A Pro-Bono Service Provider For Us
Secure access to an individual, foundation or corporate funded or pro-bono firm that can provide Hales Franciscan with academic, school business operation, marketing and/or fundraising services.