During afterschool hours, Hales Franciscan provides students access to tutoring, ACT test prep, advanced placement testing, colloquia opportunities, dual college enrollment courses, clubs and sports programming.

Academic support consists of tutoring before and after school as agreed upon with the course instructor.  Struggling students are expected to come to tutoring a minimum of once a week, per subject.  Tutoring is also available to students seeking additional enrichment on a first-come, first-served basis through a sign-up process.


ACT Test Prep takes place weekly during daily, extended, student advisory classes.  All graduating students will be expected to have taken the ACT test as well.  Preparation for testing will begin during grade 9 and continue through grade 11.

Colloquium is a Latin word meaning “to talk together”.  Colloquia classes are courses where students participate actively in discussion of questions that they feel are important. Central to the colloquium is the idea of intellectual freedom, where students have the freedom to pick a topic that mirrors their interests and to purse questions that fuel their imagination which allows them to pursue their intellectual passions.


Sports are an intricate part of the school environment at Hales Franciscan High School. The school has fielded football, basketball, track, soccer, cross country and baseball teams in the past and participates in the Chicago Catholic League.

Dual Enrollment is a program that allows our students to earn college credit while they are in high school that also count at Hales Franciscan.  Students have an opportunity to take a variety of courses not offered at school and gain a jump on their college education.


Extracurricular activities are offered outside of the regular school day and may take place before or after school. During school years, Hales Franciscan offers chess, debate, mentoring, robotics, newspaper and yearbook clubs.