Hales Franciscan is an independent, private, Catholic high school.  This means proceeds from tuition, fees and fundraising must cover the cost of the school’s academic, extracurricular and athletic programs as well as facility and administrative expenses.


The tuition for 2022-23 is $13,000.  However, once the following financial aid options are applied, yearly tuition for most students is expected to average $10,000.

Financial Aid:

Hales Franciscan Scholarships

Father Augustus Tolton Scholarship – A $1,000 merit scholarship awarded to all students who during their 7th & 8th grade years maintained a 3.0 grade point average and a stellar discipline record, and conducted 20 hours of community service.  May be combined with the Franciscan Province of the Sacred Heart Scholarship.

Franciscan Province of the Sacred Heart Scholarship – A $3,000 merit scholarship awarded to all students who during their 7th & 8th grade years maintained a 2.75 grade point average and a stellar discipline record.

Additional Need-Based Assistance – Families who complete an application and interview, and take the entrance exam will be allowed to complete the school’s online financial aid process.  This may result in the awarding of additional need based financial assistance.

Parent Fundraising Credit

Parents who enroll their child may apply the first $500 they raise from supporting school fundraising activities to their son’s tuition.

Other Potential Scholarship Options

Scholarship Granting Organizations – Students who enroll at Hales Franciscan may be eligible to apply for scholarships typically ranging from $1,000 to $2,500 from scholarship granting organizations. Although a fair number of students from our school have historically received these scholarships, most scholarships are offered on a competitive basis.

If your son participates in any of the following programs, you may be able to request permission to apply their scholarship to your Hales Franciscan tuition.

Link Unlimited Scholars
Daniel Murphy Scholars
HFS Chicago Scholars

Private School Loans:
Hales Franciscan will allow parents to pay off their tuition less any awarded scholarships in even installments over 12 months starting in April 2021. If you need a longer payoff period or a short-term loan to conveniently structure tuition payments, the following financial institutions may be able to assist:



Once you have completed the Hales Franciscan application and testing processes, and we have received all required documents from your elementary or high school, our Admissions Office will be glad to assist you with applying for any scholarships or loans you have identified. For assistance, please call us at (773) 285-8400.