A Values Awakening Through Service
Students will develop positive cultural and social values through curriculum linked community service projects and guided reflection on the importance and meaning of these service experiences.

An Individualized Academic Plan
Using tests, report cards, recommendation letters, interviews, surveys, and other sources, each student will develop with their advisor a personalized plan of instruction, support and independent study that will guide how they receive instruction and are allowed to demonstrate their course content mastery.

A Relevant and Performance-Based Instructional Program

The Hales Franciscan academic program is a blended learning approach designed to ensure students master subject area content and skills through the hands-on and project-based application of acquired knowledge to the solving of real world challenges faced by the school’s surrounding community. The curriculum is designed to teach reading and writing across all core subjects and to expose students to opportunities in the areas of urban planning, engineering and entrepreneurship. In addition to the school’s rigorous college prep curriculum, Hales Franciscan offers Advance Placement and Honors courses.

Full Curriculum Access For All Hales Franciscan is a detracked school. All students enrolled are expected to successfully complete the same high quality, college prep curriculum prior to graduation or can quality to take Honors and AP classes. Students academically off-pace must develop an accelerated learning plan with their advisor that will insure they catch-up using in-school academic coaching, afterschool tutoring, summer school and other available supports.

Mastery-Based Grading
Grades reflect content and skill mastery as evident at the end of each marketing period. Students are allowed to redo schoolwork, tests and projects as long as they continue putting forth real effort and take advantage of arranged supports. Grades solely reflect academic performance and are not impacted by other outside factors like attendance or discipline.

Real-Time Performance Feedback

Stakeholders (students, parents, teachers, support staff, administrators and partner organizations) are provided real time access to updated online performance management systems so adequate student progress can be confirmed or a targeted intervention plan initiated on a daily basis.

Experiences To Lead
Whenever and wherever appropriate and possible, students are allowed input into how the school is operated and giving opportunities to run aspects of the school. All students are required to participate in Student Government Students can participate as an officer; committee chair or member of either the business, facility, sports, food service, education or information technology management committees. Students are also given opportunities to head student organizations and interest clubs.

Personalized and Restorative Supports
If a student is in need of academic, socio-emotional, behavioral and personal support, the challenge is addressed with the assistance of a caring and qualified stakeholder experienced in working with the student, mentoring, tutoring, counseling, imparting values and sharing culturally specific strategies.

Independence To Explore
With the assistance of his academic advisor; each student develops his own in-school independent study program that allows him to constructively explore a personal interest during daily set-a-aside time.

An Environment That Inspires
Students and staff are provided a safe space to learn, explore and grow in which everyone is encouraging, embodies positive values and models professionalism through their attire, communication and behavior. The school building is filled with visual displays that promote spiritual values and college completion, inspire creativity and determination, showcase student work, and chronicle the history of Hales Franciscan and the accomplishments of African-Americans. Non-Traditional

Extracurricular Activities
Students may further explore their interests afterschool by participating in student organizations, clubs and school-based partner-ran programs. Students can also join teams in several sports that compete in IHSA sanctioned leagues. Soon, eligible students may opt to compete nationally on a partner Chicago prep academy sports team.

Guidance and Placement Assistance For Life

Every student is provided spiritual, academic and personal guidance while enrolled at Hales Franciscan as well as during and after college. Students are expected to participate in a pre-college summer program annually, complete college and secure meaningful employment after their university studies. In order to achieve these expectations, the school is committed to providing every student with pre-college, college and career counseling and placement services for life.