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The cost to educate a student at Hales Franciscan High School far exceeds the tuition we charge.  It is only through the generous assistance of individuals like you that we are able to cover this gap annually with donations and volunteer and pro-bono services.  Here are a few creative ways you can support us today:

Sponsor A Scholarship:
The cost to attend a private school is more than many families can afford.  Your support can fund a full or partial scholarship so such a family can give their child access to a high quality Hales Franciscan education.  

Provide General Operating Support:
Hales Franciscan’s transition to a service learning academy for young engineering entrepreneurs will attract and maintain enrollment at adequate levels, keep students meaningfully engaged in their learning, and prepare students for success in high school, college and professional life. Your general operating support will help cover building staff, facility and administrative expenses for the remainder of the year so our team can stay focused on executing this redesign vision.

Fund A Suite of Student Experience Labs:
Given the school’s focus on engineering, science and digital technology, Hales Franciscan seeks funding for a state-of-the-art computer lab, maker space and indoor vertical hydroponic farm that complements the existing outdoor urban garden so our students can master core subject area content and skills in the rich, engaging, hands-on learning environment envisioned for the school.

Underwrite the Supplemental Support Service Team:
The low tuition charged by Hales Franciscan adequately supports our general operations, core instructional program and critical non-academic student support services.  The school seeks to expand the size of its support service team so it can add more mentors, college and career prep coaches and counselors.

Help Us Access Available School Collaborations
Hales Franciscan seeks assistance in identifying and becoming a member of all relevant school consortiums and networks funded to make research and resources available to high schools.

Help Us Access Educational Consultants
Hales Franciscan seeks assistance in identifying and gaining access to funded and pro-bono consultants with secondary education expertise in order to obtain their insights regarding best practices in the field and feedback on concepts and practices being considered by the school.